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How To Repair Hose Reels? If you want to keep garden hoses clean and neat, then making use of hose reel can be a big advantage. But because of some reasons, it gets damaged or punctured. You can either get a replacement of its essential parts or, do repairs at home, which can help in saving lots of money through the process. In regards of the category of hose reel you purchase, there’s always a time in which it will start to leak through its joining points or, it may be punctured. As a matter of fact, repairing the leaks of hose reel is not that hard since you can do the repair of hose reel cart, retractable hose reel or even the wall mounted units on your own by following the tips below. Tip number 1. Check all connections – hose reels generally have at least 5 different connectors that are located on leader hose, beginning of the faucet, garden hose, out tube and in tube. Say for example that your hose has leak, then you should try tightening every connection before opting out for an expensive replacement or repairs. There are instances that loose connector is only what causing the problem. You must be certain to line up the threads to be able to avoid any damage to it while you’re repairing the connectors.
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Tip number 2. Change defective O-rings – this is actually among the common repair steps required to be done in most reels. At times, the reels got leak as the o-rings get cracked or dry after using for a long time. It is also easy to buy replacement for this one because nearly any hardware store or online shop has one. Before you buy one on the other hand, you have to take a look at the website of the manufacturer or the guidebook in order to confirm which size of o-ring is recommended for that model you have at home.
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Tip number 3. Take out the panel – detach the hose as well as the reel by the time you have turned off the water supply to the hose reel. Then, you should use a screwdriver in order to take out 4 bolts that are located on the knob side of case and put them in a secure place. Pull away the shield from case once done, this is to uncover the entire panel. When doing a DIY repair on your hose reel, make sure that you follow these 3 simple tips to put an end to the problem. Now, in the event that the problem still exists, this is the time that you should consider buying a new one.